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Our Mission

To provide pure natural herbal cosmetics,  That maintain , protect healthy skin and Aid in the healing of damaged skin. At a reasonable cost

I use natural, organic, environmentally safe products. No perfumes, alcohols, aluminum or petroleum products are used. Absolutely no animal testing. (though I do test animal products on humans)


Company Profile

Since 1995 Doug Shaw B.Sc., M.T., Herbalist has Organically grown his herbs and formulated them into potions, lotions and creams to excite the mind, soothe the body and heal the soul. 

Doug with over 25 years as a drug research chemist grows 80 % of all herbs he uses and subjects the rest to rigid chromatographic analysis to ensure you get the purest possible products.

  • We offer a wide variety of retail cosmetics
  • Specialty blends on request
  • Bulk and private labeling
  • Wholesale pricing available
  • Consultations on formulations


NOW AVAILABLE 2003 Saint John'w Wort Flower infusate...for neuralgic pains; Available with or without Rosemary Essential Oil added 30 ml. $10.00

Acne Cream                                                         Moisturizer

Arthritic Rub                                                       Muscle/Joint Rub

Athletes Foot Kit                                          nut free creams/lotions                            

bottles and jars                                                      Pet Products

burn Cream                                                        Sore muscles/joints   

Calendula Creams and Lotions                          Tooth Powder

Calendula Ointment                                            Vanilla Moisturizer

Deodorant                                                            Vein Ointment    

essential oils

Face Cream

First Aid Ointment

 Foot Lotion

Hand Creams and Lotions

Herbal Ointments

Hemp Lotions

Insect Repellent 

Lavender Mist

Lice Shampoo

Lip balms


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